Want a tree in front of your building? Well you can have one!

Brooklyn loves tree
Brooklyn loves tree

Tired of stepping outside of your apartment and only being greeted with the site of parked cars and angry scowling faces? Well, if’ you own a building or have a really good relationship with your landlord, may we suggest asking the city to plant a tree in front of your building? We don’t know why everyone’s scowling at you though, that’s on you.

In an effort to spruce things up a bit, the city will plant a tree in front of a property if a landlord fills out an application asking for one. Not a landlord? Well, if you’ve got a relationship with your landlord, you can probably ask her really nicely if she wants to do it. She might be swayed by the fact that the planting is free, but keep in mind that it could take more than a year for the city to actually plant the tree, due to the fact that everyone is busy putting requests for a tree in.

You can even put in a request for what kind of tree you’d like to see, although the final decision to plant and what kind of tree to plant is left up to the Parks Forester who inspects the property. And we have no idea what to bribe those guys with. Maybe sap? Are they into sap?

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  1. Joeonna Bellorado-Samuels

    There is a spot in front of 303 Putnam St. Brooklyn 11216 where a tree used to be. I’m hoping you can plant one soon and that the landlord will be happy to have one in the empty space.

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