Waka Flocka Flame is looking to higher a blunt roller, for $50K/year

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Will your blunts pass muster? via Facebook

Remember when your parents said you were throwing away your life smoking weed? Well maybe they we’re wrong! Every pothead’s dream started to come true when a job as a blunt roller was posted by rapper Waka Flocka Flame. What was once a pipe dream, is now a literal pipe dream. Well, a blunt wrap dream, anyway.

The Queens-born rapper put up an Instagram post offering a delicious $50K/year to be his personal blunt roller. That’s a whole hell of a lot of Snickers bars and Cool Ranch Doritos. Potential employees should apply with proof of their skills under the hashtag #ICANROLL, which has already garnered a ridiculous amount of responses. Maybe you can be the one who stands out though. And why not? Rappers do need blunts, and you’re great at rolling them.

So, we’ve got yet another weed-based job you can do alongside your work as The Cannabist’s freelance “weed-friendly sex columnist.” A word of caution though, Waka, if you’re reading. What happens if you run out of money and you’ve forgotten how to twist up a blunt because you’ve had someone doing it for you? I guess you can just eat your weed. Or are you going to hire someone to make your brownies too?

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