Vox Media, the future of journalism, is hiring everyone

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Vox is on the verge of something big, so get on board while you can. via The Verge

Everyone would like a job of course, but some people want something more than something that takes up eight-hours of each daily march towards death. They want something with prestige, or at least to work at a place gobbling up their competition, so we’ve got good news for you: Growing journalism behemoth Vox Media is hiring in New York for positions at Curbed, Racked, Eater and tech website The Verge. Best of all, none of these jobs require you to interact with Matt Yglesias.

Kind of like when Al Jazeera America first came here and had opening for all of the jobs, each of Vox’s New York-based blogs are hiring multiple positions. Well, except for Curbed, they only need a social media manager. Racked wants a features editor, a features writer and a managing editor.┬áThe Verge is hiring a culture editor, feature editor, coordinator (basically an assistant for the EIC to yell at), a video editor and a video producer. And finally, Eater has openings for a news editor, news desk writer, social media manager, features editor and most exciting to us, a drinks editor. Finally, a way to monetize your debilitating alcoholism, with a job where you just have to write about dranks!

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  1. I’m sure it’s a wondrous and vigorous place for journalism to be reinvented, but I’m depressed to observe that apparently (at least if this visual is any indication), no one over the age of 25 fills staff positions to that end.

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