Volunteer for beer. Oh, and help animals too, we guess

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Pay for it with time, not money

Beer, we all love beer here, right? Right. And we’re all also, if not pet owners or animal lovers per se, not into needless cruelty towards animals, right? Right. Ordinarily, it would be hard to find a way to combine these two passions outside of drinking a six pack and wrestling with your friend’s dog. But BeerAdvocate and Sixpoint have a way to combine them that can also make you look good: their annual Beer for Beasts fundraiser for the Human Society of New York. And if you can’t afford/don’t want to pay the $65 ticket price to have access to the goodies inside, good news: they also need volunteers.

Beer for Beasts is at the Bell House this year, on Saturday, April 6. Of course, they know that everyone would want to volunteer for a gig like this, so they have some requirements to meet. You need to be able to work a day and a night shift, need to a BeerAdvocate member (which you can sign up for for free) and you also need to be prepared to have a kick ass time. We imagine you won’t have much difficulty with that one. There are four shifts to volunteer for: setting up, a day session, a night session and cleaning up and breaking everything down. Volunteers have to work the day and night sessions, with the set up and break down optional. Seems like a good use of your time AND a way to impress the folks at Sixpoint. Because you always want to be the right side of brewers.

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