Now hiring: What used to be one of the best jobs in journalism

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It is a bad mix, like brushing your teeth and drinking orange juice, to be reading Ladies and Gentleman, The Bronx is Burning right now, which notes all the wonderful sway the “feisty” Village Voice used to have in the ’70s, only to fast forward to the present to see a bunch of its best writers either laid off or forced out in recent weeks, along with other head-smackingly batshit editorial decisions. So maybe the paper is in the closing chapters of its shift from stalwart of edgy journalism to homeless person bathroom towel, and that should be no surprise to anyone at this point. But they still need someone to steer the ship after EIC Tony Ortega announced last week he’s leaving to go construct a giant anti-Scientology laser or something. Could that person be you? Because it might be.

As the New York Observer notes, the Voice posted an ad on looking for a new editor, which surely was one of the coolest jobs in all of journalism/life years ago (Norman Mailer started the damn thing, don’t forget). The ad reads:

The Village Voice is looking for an experienced New York editor to lead and shape its weekly newspaper/daily website and to continue its legacy of award-winning journalism.

Ideal candidates will be passionate about local news and politics and adept at story generation and development, for both long-form narrative work and daily blogging. They will understand how the city’s arts and culture appeal to Voice readers. They must work exceptionally well with words and people.

The Village Voice offers competitive salaries and benefits. The interview process will include an editing test. Qualified applicants should send a resume and a substantive letter explaining why the Voice needs you now. Include recent clips, if you have them. Submit applications to [email protected]

“Exceptionally well with words and people”! As long as those people aren’t Scientologists, we presume.

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