Vice needs a cool editor (with culinary skills)

vice hq
If you worked here, you’d be editing, and cooking, by now

Been spending some time as the editor at a pretty boring media publication. It’s OK, you don’t have to say it out loud and risk your bosses hearing you. But we know that you know where you work is boring. Want to know a place to work that isn’t boring? Vice. And wouldn’t you know it, they’re hiring an editor. You’ll need to be able to spot stories from a mile away, know social media and oh, have good culinary skills, because you’ll be working with the Editor-in-Chief for their food section, Munchies.

The editorial position at Vice sounds like it comes with a decent amount of responsibility, tasking whoever gets the job with running day-today operations on the website and on Munchies, assigning and editing stories, scouting and acclimating new talent and way more. You’ll also need to do at least 10 posts per week and do some work on nights and weekends. But on the other hand, you’ll work for one of the only media companies in existence that’s actually making money, so the only threat of being laid off will be because you’re terrible at your job, not because you’re old and make too much money and they don’t want to pay your pension any more.

The job requires 2 years of editing experience, grace under pressure and most intriguing to us, “culinary experience.” Honestly, considering it’s Vice, they might want you to cook meth, or they might want you to actually know what’s going on in the food world. OR, they might want you to cook the occasional delicious meal for everyone because they’re working so hard. You can never really tell with those guys.

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