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Veselka bringing their menu back to 1954 prices!

It’s already good food, but it’s even better when its so cheap it’s practically free. via Facebook

[UPDATE: It’s happening! Wednesday, July 23 from 6pm to 6:54pm, per Veselka’s Twitter account]

Keep some change in your pocket after those nickel cocktails, because we’ve got more throwback prices for ya. East Village staple Veselka is celebrating their 60th anniversary with a throwback to 1954, [h/t New York Observer] featuring their original menu and prices!  And back in the day, nothing was priced over $1.60 (the highest item being bigos and mashed potatoes), a big change from a $14 brunch plate accompanied by an infamous wait on Sunday mornings…

Coffee and coke will cost a dime, egg creams will run you a quarter, and their famous potato pancakes cash in at 50 cents.

But like all ridiculously cheap (and good) food: there’s a catch.  The deal will only last for 54 minutes (groan), and will be announced on Veselka’s Twitter and Facebook  pages the day of the event.

So yeah, the deal feels more like a social media ploy, but when the cost of a meal is less than a subway swipe, we’re down to party like it’s 1954.

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  1. fammatawhite

    I called this restaurant since there isn’t any date on the post and they said they don’t know when they’re doing it because the manager does not want to say. What a hoax.

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