V-Eat Day: The War on Brunch has come to an end

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VICTORY, photo by Sarah Gainer

We previously mentioned the War on Brunch, the city’s most contentious civil unrest since the Crown Heights riots, in the context of City Council member Steven Levin’s pun skills. Despite our reservations about his wordplay, we didn’t doubt Levin could get a bill to allow restaurants to put out seats on the sidewalk before noon on Sundays passed in the council. Oh, and look at that, he did. Great, let’s eat.

The Daily News went over the City Council’s busy night. It included passing paid sick leave over the mayor’s veto, telling MSG they had 10 more years at their current spot, and of course, voting to amend the law keeping restaurants from putting tables on the sidewalk before noon. The law now allows for tables to be put out at 10am. Finally, hungover and regrettably sexually paired up just going through the motions Brooklynites don’t have to live in fear that the brunch police regular police will come around giving tickets to their favorite restaurant while they’re eating. As for Councilman Levin, how did he feel? He was quoted as saying he was “egg-static” over the victory. Sure, we’ll take it.

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