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Use maths to determine the most efficient drinking plan in your home state

thanksgiving drinking
Going to Colorado for Thanksgiving? Keep in mind that taxes are lower on wine than on liquor. via Flickr user Jason Meredith

So maybe you’re going home for Thanksgiving to get beat up by your old high school bullies. Or maybe you’re going to some far-off family member’s place to get beat up by your cousin’s high school bullies. Either way, you’re leaving New York for Thanksgiving and you know you’re gonna be drinking Wednesday night. Just because you live Brooklyn though, doesn’t mean you should leave your Brokelyn attitude of finding the cheapest way to do things behind, so Slate put together some data on state excise taxes on alcohol to help you figure out the most efficient thing to chug when you go home and try to explain that “social media manager” is a real job. Warning: maths ahead.

Got all that? It basically comes down to higher excise taxes = less efficient drinking when you get home. Just for reference, New York’s excise taxes on alcohol are $0.14/gallon for beer, $0.30/gallon for wine and $6.44/gallon for liquor. Slate did the work of getting all the excise taxes on alcohol around the country, so you can see if going home means it’s gonna be more efficient to chug cheap beers before making a pass at your unrequited high school love, like you’d do here, or if it would be ultimately cheaper to take a bunch of shots of gin before being laughed out of the bar. Happy Thanksgiving!

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