Update: Bike share IS coming to Park Slope and beyond, just not this year

You'll get bike share stations past Atlantic. Just not this year.

The release of today’s map showing the locations of the stations for NYC’s huge bike share launch this summer stirred up a lot of anger. It basically showed that no neighborhoods south of Atlantic Avenue, including — how dare they! — Park Slope and Prospect Park — would get to be a part of the program. We called DOT to check into this and it turns out today’s release was just the first wave of station announcements. Some 180 additional stations are still planned for areas of Park Slope, Cobble Hill, Crown Heights and Prospect Heights (along with parts of Manhattan and Queens) … but not until next spring. A DOT spokesman told us the city will continue to work with the community to nail down exact station locations, but if you were hoping to bike share your way down to Prospect Park this summer, you’re out of luck. We asked the spokesman why these were chosen to roll out first; if we get an answer today, we’ll update this post, so stay tuned.


  1. ianmac47

    This makes the system fairly un-useful. Given the challenges of connecting between North Brooklyn and Prospect Park by subway, bike stations in both the north and south would bridge the gap.

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