Uber’s giving you a free ride (and free stuff) this weekend

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Here’s the thing about cabs:they’re really useful when you’re drunk and don’t want to deal with the subway, but oy are they expensive. Or at least more expensive the bus or subway. But, what if you could take a cab and you didn’t have to pay for it? This weekend, spacephone cab hailing app Uber is doing a big rollout in Brooklyn, and they’re so excited about it that they’re gonna give you a free ride. Not only that, but if you show your receipt to businesses all around Brooklyn, they’ll just give you stuff. For free!

It’s all pretty simple: download Uber and hail a car using their UberX option, which gives you yellow cab rates in normal cars. Then use the promo code BKLOVESuberx from Friday at noon until 11:59pm on Sunday night and you are the happy recipient of a $20 credit towards your ride that either begins or ends in Brooklyn. Plus you can do it twice, which means you can take UberX to your 1am booty call and then have another one take you away from it at 2:30am because you’re both emotionally volatile and can’t actually spend a night in bed together after humping without having a huge fight. But it beats paying for a ride back!

Not only do you get a quick out from your emotional devastation, but when you show your receipt to a whole bunch of vendors around Brooklyn, they’ll just give you stuff. Highlights, at least for us, include getting a free cheap beer at Hank’s Saloon, 2 for 1 drinks at Banter and a free pint of Sixpoint at Last Exit (maybe take UberX to our anti-VMA party?). On the non-alcohol front, you can get yourself 2-for-1 purchases at the Bedford Cheese Shop, a free empanada at the V-Spot and a buy one, get one free day pass at Brooklyn Boulders. There are so many places, we can’t list them without you getting bored, so just check out the whole list here. Basically, when you break it all down, Uber is paying you to use their service, so we certainly wouldn’t turn our noses up at that.

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