U.S. Open serving up jobs at job fair today

us open job fair
This could be you! Maybe!

Everyone’s all agog over the World Cup, but there are still other sports that are going on right here in Real America. No, not baseball, both teams are too depressing to think about right now. We mean good old fashioned tennis! The U.S Open will be landing at Queens’ Arthur Ashe Stadium in August, and they’re gonna need people to work the event. That could be you, if you make it out to their job fair today.

The U.S. Open job fair is going on until 4pm today at Arthur Ashe Stadium (124-02 Roosevelt Avenue), so close your laptop and take the 7 train out there right now so you can make it. There, you’ll find jobs being offered by eight companies staffing the tennis championship, ranging from maintenance to hospitality to driving and food service. If you’re free from August 25 until September 8 and want to do a different kind of service job, this is where you’re gonna want to be.

And who knows, if you get one of these jobs, maybe you’ll run into Rafael Nadal and deeply lock eyes with him and steal him away from his girlfriend. Stranger things have happened. We think…

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