Two housekeeping-challenged Brooklyn gals need your vote!

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Messy Jessie's apartment.

Talk about passive income: two clever but severely unhygienic Brooklynites have found a way to profit from their own sloth. One “Messie Jessie” of Brooklyn and Crown Heights resident Lisa Henderson both have entered their vermin-infested hovels in an online “dirtiest apartment” contest—and now they’re among 10 finalists nationwide on track to win a $1,000 prize, based on who gets the most reader votes by July 24. This, of course is an auspicious day for Brooklyn, with not one but two terrific candidates to choose from.

First, there’s Jessie, who explains her apartment’s horrific state thus: “Cleaning takes time—or money (to get someone else to clean). I have neither. Plus, I have better things to do such as jump on my trampoline.” How can she find it underneath last November’s takeout?

Lisa Henderson's apartment.

Then there’s Lisa Henderson of Crown Heights (LisaLisaLisa), who gives this excuse for her atrocious housekeeping (left): “Summer in the city, with NO air conditioner, means that I either stay at work or play outside! It also means that as the apartment temperature increases, lots of scents start to fester…whether it’s  moldy fruit or my feet, it’s not a fun place to be. In fact, had I known about this contest three weeks ago, I would’ve taken pictures of the three dead mice that I found under the fridge. I found them b/c everytime I opened the fridge, I was hit in the face with ‘rotten mouse’ smell and my ice cubes made my water taste a little funky.”

Wow, Lisa is clearly in this thing to win it, plus, she’s got that festive palette going, even if it is garbage and dirty laundry. View the complete portfolio on the contest site, and please, Brooklynites, make your voice heard. DO NOT let this award slip away to some lesser slob from Charlotte or West Hollywood!


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