Tweet-sourced map claims Corona is New York City’s favorite cheap beer

The average cheap New York’s fridge, if Twitter is to be believed. via Facebook

When it comes to drinking beer, it’s really important to fit in with what the dominant trends are, lest you wind up buying the wrong one and getting a bottle broken over your head. So just in case you weren’t sure what you should get if you go to an unfamiliar bar without much money, some Twitter sleuths compiled what light or cheap beer brands Americans were tweeting over the course of a year, and made a map out of it. The winner in New York City? Corona.

It’s a little surprising, given that PBR and Genesee have so many young internet-connected people who love tweeting about their favorite #brands drinking their swill. But the numbers, compiled by data bloggers Floating Sheep, don’t lie. When New Yorkers took to Twitter to talk about the cheap beer they were drinking between June 2012 and May 2013, it was Corona more often than any other ones that they were tweeting about. But we wouldn’t celebrate too much if we were Corona, considering that “most mentioned cheap beer brand in the New York City metropolitan area” not only is hard to monetize, but also doesn’t necessarily mean the tweets were in praise of the beer.

cheap beer map
via Floating Sheep

Outside of New York, there were plenty of other cheap beers dominating certain regions, including a bunch that we’ve never heard of. What, for instance, is Hudepohl? Or Grain Belt? And if you live in the areas where these are dominating the Twitter charts, can you send us a case?

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