Tuesday is now Cheapday at No. 7 North

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You spent all dang winter staying indoors, avoiding restaurants and cooking out of a crockpot and braising cheap meats. It’s time to get out of the house and eat some food someone else cooked! Of course, you’re still broke, so going out to eat could be a slight problem. No. 7 North, a bar we’re quite fond of, has your back though, because they just introduced a new Tuesday Night Recession menu that has some good eats for as cheap as they come. Well, no, not free, but close to that.

Since they know you’re broke but would still like to hang, the people at No. 7 North (931 Manhattan Avenue) have introduced a special cheap Tuesday night menu, so you can eat well and still afford to take the subway home. On Tuesday nights, from now until otherwise stated, you can get a pice of fried chicken for $2, a double decker broccoli taco with feta cheese, fried shallots and black bean hummus for $3 and elote elote with roasted tomato veganese and chili powder for $3. Or get a combo of either 2 pieces of fried chicken and a taco or elote for $6 or get 2 pieces of chicken, a taco AND elote for $8.

Pair that up with a beer book drink and you’re suddenly roaring into Wednesday like a champ, which is way better than crawling into Wednesday like a chump.

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