Tuesday lunchtime linkage

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Yahoo updates mail interface, people use Hotmail? [Tech Crunch]
Bushwick ladies: hold on to your handbags! [Greenpointers]
Ahahahahaa, Lena Dunham wages legal war with Gawker [Fishbowl]
Fewer honey buns:NYC kids are getting thinner [Gothamist]
2012’s most retweeted tweets. Say that ten times fast. [Buzzfeed]
TSA surplus store sells confiscated Shake Weight [Consumerist]
Tour the Domino Sugar Factor before it becomes dies [Free Williamsburg]
Unfunny radio DJs donate $500k to grieving family [Gothamist]
Robots, acting, and origami–the best winter classes  [Park Slope Stoop]
Gowanus sludge guy gets huge fines, thank god [ANIMAL]
Ten ways to “sandy proof” your apartment [Brick Underground]
Yoga to the People loses Bikram yoga war [Village Voice]

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