Tuesday lunchtime linkage

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Plans for ice skating at the McCarren Pool delayed a year [BK Paper]
Unprecedented number of bee swarms hit NYC, RZA unavailable for comment [Brooklyn Ink]
You might not want your eggs too locally sourced [NYT]
Diver claims to have found WWII relics in Coney Island [Post]
A look at the possibilities for our next fare hike [Daily News]
Now we can get drunk at the farmers market [Grist]
The “tipping point” for Gowanus [NYT]
Mitt Romney loves painting (floors) [L Magazine]
Sadly, snarky internet troll did not make the list [Crain’s]

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  1. If they raise the monthly card to $125, you’d have to use the subway 56 times in 30 days just to break even. That’s twice a day, every single day. How depressing is that thought?

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