Tuesday lunchtime linkage

Grinding fellow straphangers is always bad, but it’s stupid when it’s a cop [DNA Info]
Exploring BK’s creativity/corporatization duality is now sponsored content [The Guardian]
A fake laywer was busted Lionel Hutzing all over southern Brooklyn [Sheepshead Bites]
What has New York done to deserve a Will Ferrell character-themed bar? [Bowery Boogie]
Here’s what the Bernie Sanders fundraiser at Shea Stadium looked like [Gothamist]
New York has nine MacArthur “genius” grants. Suck it, everywhere else! [Crain’s]
These strollers will serve you best during your time in New York [BrickUnderground]
Whole Foods is providing severance packages, but they’re just okay [Gawker]

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