Tuesday lunchtime linkage

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Tinder is embroiled in a pretty nasty sexual harassment suit [Buzzfeed]
A body was pulled out of the East River last night [Greenpointers]
Rich guy comes out for $15 minimum wage, like only a rich guy can [Politico]
Amy Sohn and Emily Gould: Basically the same, right? [The Awl]
It’s a day that ends in “day” so another New York State senator was indicted [New York Times]
Adorable children taunt homeless at Elmhurt homeless shelter hearing [DNA Info]
At least there’s a new seal pup at the aquarium [Sheepshead Bites]
The NYPD keeps its focus on the important things: Subway dancing [AP]
You, too, can allegedly save $100,000 while living in New York City [Refinery29]


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