Post-election terror is so bad that it’s becoming an MTV ‘True Life’ special

Photo illustration by Sam Corbin. Actual Trump backyard poster pic by flickr user Tony Webster.
Photo illustration by Sam Corbin. Original photo via Flickr user Tony Webster.

I never thought I’d find myself citing MTV as an accurate read of America’s cultural climate, let alone its political one. But with the recent proliferation of fake news on the internet — not to mention Facebook declaring you officially deceased, RIP you — there might be no better arbiter of truth these days than a trashy reality TV channel.

MTV’s True Life, the documentary TV series that has offered a first-person perspective on “unseen parts of society and its subcultures” for 18 years running, is currently seeking submissions for your tales of post-election conflict and terror.

“Do you have personal conflict over the election?” reads the first ad, posted to Instagram yesterday by MTV subsidiary Punched Productions. “Are you having difficulty because someone you love supported the other side?” (Get ready for six figures’ worth of submissions, MTV.)

The second ad, which calls for submissions from marginalized groups, is far more dire: “Is your life changing because of the election? Are you scared for your personal future and your freedom because of the election results?”

Yep. Welcome to America 2016.


This really takes the cake. via IG
This really takes the cake. via IG

If you do fall under the category of marginalized or at-risk in your community, or you know anyone who is, submit your name, photo, phone number and a brief description of your story to truelife[at]

It’s worth noting that the v. woke Punched Productions is also hiring an Associate Producer for some deep video journalism investigating unsolved government crimes, so if you don’t fall into any of the above categories but you’ve got the skill set and want to help, consider applying. Also, check out this list of resources for responding to post-Trump racism in NYC.

Don’t want to be on TV? That’s ok, tweet us your post-election feels: @Brokelyn

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