Treet yo self to a free tree this Saturday!

You can't hug a tree if you don't have one to hug, right? Right! via Flickr University of Michigan's Flickr
You can’t hug a tree if you don’t have one to hug, right? Right! via Flickr University of Michigan’s Flickr

Trees do great things, like provide shade and a nice thing to look at while doing some pondering, and oh yeah, spewing out oxygen as a waste product in order to keep all life on Earth going strong. Wouldn’t you want a hardy, life-sustaining part of the planet in your backyard or community garden? Hey great news, you can have one, because this weekend is the first fall tree giveaway courtesy of the MillionTreesNYC project.

As they’ve been doing for the last few years, the New York Restoration Project and MillionTreesNYC are teaming up to just give free trees away left and right, to all takers. Saturday’s tree giveaway in Brooklyn is happening at 686 Lafayette Avenue in Bed-Stuy, from 11am to 1pm. Want a tree? You can have a tree! All you need to do is register for one, and while everyone already called dibs on all the Eastern Redbuds, there are still three varieties of threes from you to choose from. If you can’t make it Saturday, there’ll be more giveaways throughout the month, so check out the giveaway calendar.

Well, there’s a slight catch if you want a tree, which is that you can’t put the tree on the street in front of your place or your apartment balcony, as these aren’t street trees and they’re definitely not balcony trees. Even if you don’t have a yard of your own though, you can grab a tree for your community garden or a commercial property that you’re trying to green up. Wouldn’t a tree look great in your outdoor drinking area? We think it would.

And if you do have a yard and you’re getting a tree, how about you invite us over, for a barbecue maybe? Hey, we told you about the trees, remember? Not yet, let’s give the tree a few years to grow into a mighty Serviceberry or American Hazelnut tree. We’ll see you in four years, we’ll bring some beer.

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