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Treat your booty right with the ‘Shiney Hiney Facial’

skin by molly
Molly will treat your butt with the same care she treats your face.

Show me somebody who’s never had red bumps on his or her tush and I’ll show you a LIAR. Especially with the weather warming up, sweating on your seat leads to greater likelihood of uncomfortable butt blemishes. There is no reason to be ashamed—I mean what are we, five years old? Fortunately for you, Molly from Skin by Molly will treat your butt right with her “Shiney Hiney Facial.”

When a client contacted Molly, the esthetician featured in our Williamsburg spring beauty promotion, complaining about acne on her rear, Molly treated those cheeks with the same professionalism she would the ones on your face. “Hey, skin is skin, I got no judgment. Acne can flare up anywhere,” she says. She gave her client a “Shiney Hiney Facial,” 30 minutes of treatment using the techniques of Marco exfoliation, which is similar to microdermabrasion, and a peel with steam, for $65. Molly, who extended her deal of $30 off any facial for new clients that mention Brokelyn until June 1, is now offering $15 off for the Shiney Hiney. So get your butt smooth and ready for summer and book your appointment today!

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