Transportation Alternatives is hiring for some wheely good jobs

transportation alternatives
This group of road warriors could use some support. via Facebook

Safe streets are the hot new thing in New York City, what with Vision Zero and bike lanes and desperately trying to get the NYPD to start looking at people being run over as something closer to manslaughter instead of accidents. If you want to combine your a need to be on the forefront of do-gooder trends with your need to also pay the rent, Transportation Alternatives needs a Brooklyn organizer and a policy director to join their team.

As T.A.’s policy director, you’ll be working to make sure their agenda stays on the radar in New York City and state politics by helping put together testimony for bill hearings, looking out for ways to call attention to T.A.-friendly legislative ideas and building relationships with legislators. They want someone with some experience drafting laws, working New York City’s political arena and who knows how the process works around here. Sometimes you might have to travel to Albany, so there’s that drawback.

Closer to home, the Brooklyn organizer will be responsible for getting out there and mobilizing communities to come out and support T.A.’s campaigns, putting coalitions together with other organizations and teaching people how to become expert and vocal volunteers. You’ll need knowledge of Brooklyn neighborhoods, previous organizing experience and of course, attention to detail to snag this job. After all, they can’t have you accidentally referring to Mayor de Blasio as “Mayor Tall,” the way some worthless bloggists do.

Both jobs sound like they take some serious commitment to safe streets and fighting almost impossible fights, but if you’ve got previous non-profit experience you’re probably already used to that level of hopeless hope. Plus both jobs come with benefits like health AND dental insurance, 3 weeks paid vacation, retirement plans and bike parking (duh). So apply today and help lead the bike lobby to new victories over America’s outdated and archaic car-culture!

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