Too big to fail? Morgan Spurlock wants you to think again

Would you trust this man with your life? Your hair?

You could get on TV by selling your teen-mom, fake-tanning soul for a gig feeding MTV’s ever-hungry maw of reality shows. Or you could do something that might actually make you a better person. Let’s say you’re a mother who always wanted to start a restaurant, or maybe a restaurant owner who moonlights as a banker but secretly wants to be a mother. Ex-fast food junkie Morgan Spurlock wants to make your dreams come tr… well, at least make less afraid to fail at those dreams. Spurlock and his team over at Warrior Poets (the ones behind Super Size Me and Pom Wonderful Presents The Greatest Movie Ever Sold) are looking for New York City-based dreamers for their newest web series, The Failure Club, set to begin production this fall for the Yahoo! Network. The deadline to apply is saturday.

According to the press release, Spurlock is looking for seven lucky losers to form a club to “encourage each other to achieve the things they’ve only dreamed of.” The reality show will follow “genuine every-day people with specific unfulfilled goals” for a year as they try (and succeed) to do what they’ve always wanted: to star in a Morgan Spurlock documentary. Beats getting into fights on the Jersey boardwalk!

So, if you’ve ever aspired to great things only to watch your dreams come crashing down around you, act soon.

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