Tonight, help determine how TWENTY MILLION dollars gets spent in Greenpoint

Oh, cool Newtown Creek oil spill Exxon. Via
Oh, cool Newtown Creek oil spill Exxon. Via

We’ll say this much for Greenpoint: they might be getting an enormous condo project that could end up overwhelming the neighborhood, but they’re also getting the most fun and impactful civic participation chances at the moment. Case in point: if you’re a Greenpoint resident, show up at Warsaw tonight to help determine how to spendĀ twenty million dollars (well, nineteen and a half) that Exxon paid as a “sorry we devastated your local environment” settlement. Is anyone else thinking what we’re thinking (giant bouncy castle)?

Because this is money earmarked for helping fix lingering environmental damage caused by Exxon, the money can’t be earmarked for something like neighborhood wifi or a giant bouncy castle. The settlement, according to the Attorney General’s office, is earmarked for projects that will improve Greenpoint’s environment. Which, sure, wifi sounds great, but so does a project that contributes more open space to the neighborhood or keeps the water clean, right?

Tonight is the first step in what is sure to be a long and arduous process, but better you know what’s coming. That way you won’t wake up one day and learn that Greenpoint is being fitted for a giant dome which will “keep the environment clean by locking out all foreign germs,” as someone will no doubt propose tonight. So head to Warsaw (261 Driggs Avenue) at 6:30pm, meet your neighbors and descend into bickering with them, before slowly bridging the gaps to present a plan that New York State will hopefully be alright with. Democracy!

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