TONIGHT: Get your free Pinkberry in Park Slope!

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Wave hello to Pinkberry, Park Slope.

Elbows out, brokesters. Tomorrow night (Thursday, 7/19) BK’s first Pinkberry celebrates its Park Slope debut with free froyos all around from 6 to 10.  The store (161 7th Ave. at Garfield) will be giving out regular small-size servings with as many toppings “as will comfortably fit in the cup,” according to our Pinkberry source. There’s also face-painting for kids, the thing people add to events when they know it’s going to be a shit show. (Possibly sparked by trying to convert this Mister Softee-loving market segment to mysterious “original” flavored yogurt with mochi.) In case you were unaware that Pinkberry is also a cult, there’s a sale of Sorrelli’s Pinkberry-inspired jewelry  — seriously, photo below — with 10 percent going to the Brooklyn chapter of the American Cancer Society. Here’s more info if you need it. 

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