Today: Free lobster sandwiches in Mill Basin

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Yeah, that place. Flickr photo courtesy of jag9889.

You know that lobster joint you pass, all the way down on Flatbush Avenue, when you’re riding your bike to Far Rockaway? You think I really ought to check that place out sometime but that time never actually comes because, how are you gonna get there and who’s gonna pay? Tomorrow’s today’s your day: that place, which is called Nicks, is giving out free, full-size portions of their lobster slider, a close cousin to the crabcake, from noon to 2. It even comes with fries, but the beer’s on you.

Nick’s Lobster & Fish Market, 2777 Flatbush Ave., Brooklyn 11234, (Btwn Ave U & Shore Pkwy)


  1. Umm thanks for the heads up, but your headline says today, your article says tomorrow.

    I missed this because it was today – 6/22 and not tomorrow 6/23 as you wrote.

    Thanks a lot. Maybe you need to cut and paste more carefully next time.

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