Today in signs of the times: A place to buy Instagram followers

My like don’t cost a thing.

The problem with social media is that you have to be so flim flam social all the time: what with adding friends, gathering followers, compiling likes, hitting that share button … who has the time? You might say, “Well, Tim, everyone seems to, because my Facebook feed is lousy with Instagram’d pictures of feet.” Sure but what about those souls who just can’t be bothered to do all that social stuff? Those people are the target market for this site, which is exactly what it sounds like. For just $1,800, you get 20,00 new followers!

Services like this are hardly new in the social-media world: lots of people out there offer to get your more Facebook likes or Twitter followers. But Instagram cheating seems like a new low: Is your career as a professional photographer really hinging on how many strangers “like” your photo that looks like it was shot with a crappy camera in 1978?

Here is one of the “testimonials” from the site: “My business is booming and I really have to credit with this increase in popularity. The pricing was great and I made up for it quickly with my increase in revenue.”

Pricing starts at $90 for 1,000 followers and $1,800 for 20,000. For likes, you can get 500 for $35, or go big and pay $1,120 for 20,000 likes. The site claims it does this using real people, not bots, but that’s about as much behind the curtain as they’ll show you. Alternative: You can pay one of our writers $20 to come over and pat you on the head once a day.


  1. brooookelyner

    I think it’s less about narcissism, and more about advertising. See here:

    The person who has @newyorkcity doesn’t necessarily take the greatest photos, but because she has tons of followers, she gets sponsorship opportunities, etc.

    In fact, I think this could be a cool brokelyn article – how to make $$$$ from all the time you currently ‘waste’ on social media by pimping out your accounts – it might be cool to break down how it works, how people make ‘pay-to-play’ $$ and/or get free shit (clothes, cosmetics, etc.)

    • anonniemuss

      In my opinion that’s still gross. Even more so. Trying to make “$$$$” by whoring out your name or account or whatever is incredibly gross. People who are perpetually and undiscerningly for sale and people who are always trying to “get free shit” are tasteless scumbags. At leasts narcissists might have some sort of aesthetic besides money.

  2. Aditya

    Yeah I have seen several sites which are way cheaper tobuy instagram followers and likes. It all depends upon the users if they want to get an image or not, most people dosent have the friends to follow them and are helpless this is where these services chips in, Out of curiosity i tried it and it just worked like a charm, all was done in 24 hrs time, Now I started to feel proud of my profile after seeing my follower count, haha my ego has been satisfied :)

  3. yeah i have seen one site they are offering real instagram followers, so i thought of giving a try, and i was more than happy when i saw the result, they are amazing. site is

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