Worst ever competitive eating challenge: eat Denny’s in 50 states

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This is what Denny's thinks Brooklyn eats.

At the intersection of location-based social media check-ins and greasy imitation diner food, we find Denny’s. The chain is challenging you to eat its food in 50 states. The first person to check in at Denny’s in every state wins free Grand Slam breakfasts for LIFE. BOOM! If you are a 12th grader skipping school or perpetually on a road trip to Florida, this is the prize for you. Your nearest Denny’s, btw, are in Levittown on Long Island and in Woodbridge Township in Jersey. Two states down already! The above, btw, is part of the chain’s Tour of America campaign, wherein they posit to take regional fare national. Spaghetti was the best Brooklyn can do? No plate of pasturesmithed mayonnaise? [Via Consumerist]

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