Today, blood money for free movie tix

She's donating.
She's donating.

Dying to see Inception at a big theater in Brooklyn, but you can’t dream upon dream of dropping $12.50 for the ticket? (And that’s not even counting the sustenance you’ll need for the 2.5 hour extravaganza). Well then, plant this idea somewhere deep in the ice fortress of your subconscious: You get a free movie ticket every time you donate blood at the bloodmobile on Court Street. And you can do it today.

Stop by the bloodmobile in front of the UA Court Street theater in Downtown Brooklyn from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. today, Jul. 23, to donate. It takes about 40 minutes on average, and when you’re done, they send you an unlimited movie pass in the mail a short while later. What does unlimited mean? It means we got to see Avatar in threedee a few months ago without padding James Cameron’s pockets one bit.

Not that you really needed the extra incentive to donate blood, of course, seeing as it’s all the discomfort of your average flu shot, except with cookies and juice at the end. But the New York Blood Center also has a rewards program, sort of like a much much healthier version of Marlboro Miles. You can earn points towards tons of things, like Mets tickets, gift cards, iPods, Lego sets, DVDs, etc. And, you know, you’re saving lives and all. The donate bus appears regularly in front of the theater — the next appearance will be Aug. 6 — and elsewhere, but watch NY Blood Center for more info.

UA Court Street, 106 Court St. between Schermerhorn and State Sts.


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