Times Square Cafe Grumpy brings Brooklyn to tourists

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For added authenticity, the baristas will be Hannah and Ray impersonators

Good news for those of you stuck working (or exploring) in and around Midtown who desperately miss any sign of your home across the East River: Cafe Grumpy is coming to Times Square! Well, maybe it’s good news. Whether it’s the actual good coffee shop or a cheap knockoff meant to vacuum up tourist-bucks remains to be seen.

The Post had a brief bit about it yesterday, and there isn’t much news outside of how much the owners paid for the place. But now you’ll at least have somewhere to take that aunt who comes to visit who’s still afraid of Brooklyn but just loves Girls. Unless of course this is the beginning of turning Times Square into “Brooklyn: The Theme Park.” You think violent Sesame Street characters are bad, just wait until your kids want to pose with people impersonating artists with coke nerves. Gonna be a lot of kids getting backhands.

[via Grub Street]

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