Time Out vs. New York Mag: The Cheap Eats chompdown

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There’s probably a really juicy, petty reason why New York Magazine and Time Out put out their annual Cheap Eats issues the same week every year, but Brooklyn’s frugal foodists are all the richer for it; our borough makes a strong showing. In New York Mag, 18 of the 71 featured eateries on the pizza-heavy roster are in BK. Time Out’s “parade of fantastically affordable new eateries” features 23 Brooklyn spots out of a total of 93 places where you can eat for under $10. So which mag gets the Brokelyn nod? Despite pie overload, New York has the edge, for the totally unrelated reason that they mentioned us in the Approval Matrix this week. If that’s not good enough for you (and it probably shouldn’t be) find out if your favorites made the cut on our neighborhood-by-neighborhood breakdown of Brooklyn eateries in the two issues.

Bay Ridge
Karam (Time Out)
Piattini Ristorante (New York)

Saraghina (New York)

L&B Spumoni Gardens (Time Out)

Carroll Gardens/Cobble Hill
Eton (Time Out)
Clover Club (New York)
The Jake Walk (New York)
Char No. 4 (New York)
Prime Meats (New York)

Ditmas Park
Mimi’s Hummus (New York)

Di Fara Pizza (New York)

Park Slope
Willie’s Dawgs (Time Out)
Cafe Steinhof (Time Out)
Olive Vine (Time Out)
Tacos Nuevo Mexico (Time Out)
Bklyn Larder (Time Out)
Get Fresh Table and Market (New York)
Zuzu Ramen (New York)
Franny’s (New York)

Prospect Heights
Amorina Cucina Rustica (Time Out)
El Gran Castillo de Jagua (Time Out)
Geido (Time Out)
Mitchell’s Soul Food (Time Out)

Red Hook
Brooklyn Ice House (Time Out)

Sunset Park
Wong Wong Noodle Shop (Time Out)

Vinegar Hill
Vinegar Hill House (New York)

Arepa Arepa (Time Out)
La Superior (Time Out, New York)
Urban Rustic (Time Out)
Anna Maria Pizzeria (Time Out)
La Bonito/Rocio’s (Time Out)
Moto (Time Out)
Old Poland Foods (Time Out)
Snacky (Time Out)
Urban Rustic (Time Out)
The Brooklyn Star (New York)
El Amacén (New York)
Sel de Mer (New York)
Vutera (New York)
Motorino (New York)

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  1. Lots of pizza on here…of course. But come on…no mention of “City Sub” in park slope? Best sandwich around AND cheap. Perfect lunch spot.

  2. love that city sub..good stuff. i’m glad they didn’t get mentioned, though. they already run out of bread often enough.

    i’m amused that new york magazine considers franny’s and di fara’s cheap eats given that they are two of the three most expensive pizza places in the five boroughs (the other being UPN). all in all, the new york list is much more a list of trendy spots than cheap spots so maybe they should change the name next year.

  3. Was pretty annoyed that the latest Hanco’s outpost in Park Slope got passed over by both pubs. It’s the best banh mi in a 5-mile radius. And Tacos Nuevos Mexico? Srsly? Their food is gross and the waitstaff is abominable.

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