BK Hookup ticket giveaway! Give us your best pick-up line

Just say no to Santa, Nancy! You can do better

You probably know the drill by now with the well-established recurring BK Hookup parties at the Bell House, but here’s a quick study guide just in case: It’s a cheap night at a great bar with good music and lasciviously discounted drinks. And the best part: EVERYONE IS THERE FOR THE SAME REASON (hooking up). So, you know, the odds are on your side. Several people we know have done quite well at past events, to the point of making out on the dance floor, though none as well as this awwdorable couple who met at last year’s Naughty Office Holiday Party, fell in lurve and got married. FiPS and Eaters Digest NYC are back again this year with another night of holiday-fueled singles mixing Wednesday night, and Brokelyn has some tickets to give away. Here’s how to win:

We’ve got three pairs of tickets to give away to any of you bros or bettys who could use a little charity bump to your game. Tell us in the comments below your best (or cheesiest) naughty Christmas pick up line and we’ll pick our favorites on Monday. We’ll start: “My menorah isn’t the only thing that will last for eight crazy nights.”

The Naughty Office Holiday Party: 7 p.m. Wednesday Dec. 9 at The Bell House, 147 7th St. between Second and Third Aves. Tickets are $10 in advance, $15 at the door, or FREE if enter the Brokelyn giveaway. Trust us: it beats a night trying to impress that person of interest with your Buck Hunter skills.


  1. Brian

    Maybe you’ve been naughty, maybe you’ve been nice, but either way I’ve got a stocking stuffer for you and it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

  2. That thing was totally LAME. You guys, those guys, all people – totally oversold it. No massage people, no free drinks, not even good drink specials – just a cover fee to spend money. Not even any games or announcements or matchup games. It was nothing I couldn’t do any other night, but without the needy awkwardness…

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