Thursday lunchtime linkage

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Walmart is giving up on NYC for now. Quitters [NYT]
Andrew WK: wipes spokesman [Free Williamsburg]
The Bronx is getting a brewery. And here come the hipsters [DNA Info]
Touring the second-most depressing part of Citi Field: the Amway [SOE]
New York avoids getting fracked for at least two years [Greenpointers]
Trashbag full of puppies, fire, and why we’re just going back to bed [NYDN]
They Might Be Giants made you a mixtape. You’re welcome [AV Club]
Liberals hate all CEOs, Katie Roiphe. Jesus, get a clue [Slate]
Just finish Atlantic Yards already [Brooklyn Paper]
Bankers: human after all. Just really rich humans [The Billfold]


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