Thursday lunchtime linkage

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Howard Stern’s biggest fan lives in Bay Ridge [The Daily Beast]
Remember: peeing on the side of the highway is always free [Consumerist]
Teach the seeds about¬†Star Wars. It’s important [GoodMenProject]
Bob Woodward’s lost it. Maybe he never had it to begin with? [NYM]
Colorado has a weed academy. It’s not at the Air Force Academy [ANIMAL]
Brutal Twitter war breaks out in Bay Ridge [Brooklyn Paper]
We are all Lena Dunham. Lena Dunham is us [New York Observer]
New Yorkers oppose stop-and-frisk [Salon]
Vacuum off the pounds, ladies. No, like, actually vacuum. Ugh [NYT]
New York’s Latino voters: “brand loyal” or wild cards, bitches? [Capital]


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