Thursday lunchtime linkage

Internet dating doesn’t have to leave the internet [NY Post]
Not everything you see in the paper is accurate [braiker]
Beyonce: lip syncher, Freemason [Salon]
Burning Man gets charitable [Vice]
Oh, so now a fetus ISN’T a person? [Gawker]
What does an awful team owner (coughDOLANcough) owe a city? [SOE]
Just another reason to avoid New Mexico [Slate]
If this hospital goes, so does a secret Taco Bell [Brooklyn Heights Blog]

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  1. I hereby offer my Facebook photo for use by any Brooklyn Net (except Reggie Evans – he’s scary) looking for an imaginary boyfriend. All I want in return is a pair of Net tickets (which I won’t use). Please make arrangements through my “friend” Ronaiah Tuiasosopo. Thank you

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