Thursday lunchtime linkage

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Brooklyn Bridge Park was going to get a velodrome. Now it won’t [NYT]
Williamsburg restauranteur sets clever trap for graffiti artists [CBS]
Goodbye PS2, thanks for making us forever awkward around girls [Gameological]
How to actually do 36 hours in Philadelphia [Philly Post]
Author of The Warriors goes to the Coney Island in the sky [Sheepshead Bites]
Lena Dunham’s compulsive nudity: heroic [XO Jane]
Occupy Sandy infighting disappointing, not that surprising [ANIMAL]
Soon we will all have sexy robot sex with robots [New York Observer]
Joe Scarborough: still an asshole [Wonkette]
Bushwick dating full of lies, immaturity. In other news, sky is blue [Bushwick Nation]


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