Thursday lunchtime linkage

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Pepsi+Chicken=vomit chip flavor [AdAge]
NYPD is “friends” with the gangs of NY [WSJ]
Dirty gchat may be unconst. according to Scalia logic [VICE]
The drunken disorderly sexy Santas are coming [McBrooklyn]
It’s cheaper and more awesome to stay in Brooklyn [USA Today]
Latest delivery technology: Burrito dropping drones [Grub Street]
“Hipsters” form alliance in response to extreme hate in Germany [L Mag]
Last look inside Domino Sugar Factory, before it gets condo’d [Free Wmsbg]
At home film festival and other lame free stuff to do this winter [Biz Insider]
Looking for holiday gifts? Try The Loom, Bushwick’s non-evil mall [Bushwick Daily]


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