Thursday lunchtime linkage

Here’s some innocent people the government has been spying on [The Intercept]
Imagen 10 locations where Seinfeld filmed before it was canceled or whatever [Untapped Cities]
Congress can’t save us from the LIRR strike [Reuters]
Citi Bike wants us to treat their docking stations more gently [Daily News]
Uber, Lyft and Hailo might destroy the taxi AND car industries [BGR]
If Lyft even gets off the ground here, that is, before the TLC hammers them [Gothamist]
Bushwick getting badly needed “housing for hipsters” [Wyckoff Heights]
What to do when you find a dead animal in your wrap or salad or taco [Runnin’ Scared]
That is a MIGHTY low ceiling for $2000/month [The Awl]

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