Thoreau yourself off the grid with a residency in the woods

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That could be you, looking all relaxed and writer-y

By now, every writer in the world has already applied for the Amtrak residency and shared a strong opinion about the Amtrak residency on twitter. But if writing poetry on the 3 train and/or a well-furbished Amtrak train aren’t to your taste, maybe writing poetry in a secluded log cabin is. Hey, if Thoreau could write a best-seller while living in the woods, who is to say you can’t?

The ISLAND Hill House Artist Residency offers 2-4 week residencies to emerging artists (writers, artists and musicians alike) in a cabin near East Jordan, Michigan – an area, according to the website, that is “punctuated by loon calls and the occasional coyote howl.” If selected, you have access to a well-stocked cabin kitchen, recording gear and sustainable living workshops – one of which, it’s worth noting, is a tutorial on building your very own 1000 watt turbine. And, it’s free! Applications for this year’s residencies are due April 1 and are available, along with much more info and a picture of an artist holding a GIANT cat, here.

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