This ain’t Lunchables: upscale food for pre-schoolers

Komi Organics' Kobideh Kabob. Better looking than anything we've eaten lately
Komi Organics’ Kobideh Kabob. Better looking than anything we’ve eaten lately

Lunch for kids can be a tricky proposition. We guess. Not too many people on Team Brokelyn have little versions of themselves following them around pulling on their coats. But it seems like a agreed upon fact that kids are fickle, and it’s another agreed upon fact that you still need to feed them, despite this character flaw of theirs. A number of businesses, including one in Brooklyn, are flying in face of pickiness and offering kids as young as two years old organic, artisanal lunches for delivery. Because just like smoking, you can never get hooked too early.The Post story on the burgeoning trend has all the things you’d want from a ridiculous foodie story but you know, for kids: meal names like like Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, a parent providing a wondrous, hilarious quote (“My kids are really into trying new things, and their palates are becoming quite sophisticated”) and names, like Michael Alexander, that will drive people who just wish kids were still named Sal and Frank crazy.

One of the companies is based in Brooklyn because of course it would be, although the Post found a place in Manhattan and another one in forever next-Williamsburg, Long Island City. The Brooklyn company, Komi Organics is based in Bed-Stuy, even has an owner who goes the extra mile and makes the deliveries herself two days a week. The paper doesn’t say whether or not she does it by bicycle.

You might be wondering: is it expensive? Hell yes it is! Komi charges $180 for five lunches and dinners, and the paper talked to a couple parents who spend $120 and $144 a week on the organic lunches and dinners. Makes sense though, since upscale food costs upscale prices. And who knows, maybe it’s coated in Hipster Dust.

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