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Think spring with our indoor garden guides

Caroline's starter garden
The author's windowsill garden, awaiting spring

I’ve always been emotional about plants, ever since the pumpkin patch I toiled on for three months as a kid was ravaged by a posse of deer. Green visions resurfaced ten years later when I moved to Brooklyn and dreamt of a brightly lit windowsill garden. But in Bushwick, the closest I got was an English Thyme plant from Whole Foods. Until, that is, I unearthed Brokelyn’s four-part guide to windowsill gardening. As I heeded the advice on seeds and soil and putting it all together, my fledgling garden was finally realized. My failure as a gardener brought me to Brokelyn, which also led me to Rose Red & Lavender, where I bought organic soil, pots, wildflower seeds and a Thai basil plant. The deer haven’t returned but my budget gardening knowledge is sticking around.

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