Some things are 17,400% more expensive in Brooklyn

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Sorry, our mysterious employer only wants women

Craigslist is a weird place full of horrors if you know where to look, and The Daily Dot’s Cooper Fleishman certainly found that out when he tweeted a link to a Craigslist ad offering $175 to a woman willing to sit in some dude’s bathtub full of ramen noodles. Since I’ve been scarred by the internet forever, I thought the language sounded familiar, and lo and behold, a quick search revealed that this person put up the same ad in Pittsburgh in 2009, except the lucky lady would only get $1 to wear a bathing suit in a bathtub full of ramen noodles. That is a stunning, absolutely mind-boggling 17,400% increase in the price you have to pay to have someone sit in your noodle bathtub in Brooklyn as opposed to Pittsburgh. But the crazy math doesn’t end there. Oh no.

If we extrapolate these both out to a per hour basis, the price increase is also cray. In the Pittsburgh ad, the prospective ramen sitter was sitting in the tub for five minutes and getting $1, so she was making $12 per hour. In Brooklyn, where this fetishist is now supposed to reside, the tub sitter gets $175 for 30 minutes of soaking, or $350 per hour. That is a 2816% increase in the price per hour to sit in a tub full of ramen.

Brooklyn today
Brooklyn today

It just doesn’t make sense though. Brooklyn is more expensive than Pittsburgh of course, with NerdWallet pegging the cost of living being 79% higher here. But entertainment is only supposed to be 20% more expensive. So, this person is either being generous, or stupid. After all, he should be able to get away with offering $21.48 or $14.40 per hour. Noodle tub fetish guy,if you were real,  we’d appreciate you recognizing the higher costs of doing business in Brooklyn. But we’d also warn you that were speeding headlong towards bankruptcy with these irresponsible financial decisions.

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