There’s a Tea Party conservative living in Park Slope

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Have you seen him at Tea Lounge? Click photo for video link.

In today’s now-inevitable big media story about those wacky liberals in Park Slope, Fox News reporter / Tea Party conservative Todd Starnes moves to the neighborhood and orders bacon cheeseburger at “radical vegetarian” restaurant for a thus far unfunny fish-out-of-water video series. What exactly is a “radical vegetarian” anyway? Even more confounding, what does he mean, “You can tell by the way I hold onto my bowels that I’m not from around these parts?” Are radical vegetarians so radical they crap on the sidewalk? That would be radical. Anyone?

City Rant: Living among liberals:

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  1. Mocking instinct overload: 1) Are you kidding me Fox News, seriously? I mean we know conservatives are douchey, but this is just embarrassing. 2) I assume he meant “Vowels” there and not that we liberal folk are shitting all over the street in parts North of Red Hook, but maybe a poor editing choice there. 3) Was that a Biggie impersonation? #racist 4) I agree with the barista: Gentrification has gone too far when this guy moves in upstairs.

  2. I think by “radical” he means “awesome.” He’ll be voting on hummus boycotts within a year I bet.

  3. Who wants to bet that at every social function he attends in Park Slope this guy brings up politics?

    (And if he thinks Park Slope is hipsterish, this guy’s head would pop in Williamsburg.)

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