The weirdest Michael Jackson memorabilia

picture-132Michael Jackson was a brilliant, deeply strange guy, but he was no weirder than his fans—at least the ones who have marked his passing by making things to sell in his honor on Alongside loads of t-shirts, lapel pins and other insta-crap are some kooky items like this 2008 painting by artist Adah Glenn, presciently depicting Jackson with Farrah Fawcett hair. Maybe that’s why she thinks it’s worth $5,000?

After the jump, a six-inch crocheted Michael Jackson, a Michael Jackson catnip toy, a Michael Jackson paper-doll cutout card and Michael Jackson rosary beads.



A six-inch crocheted likeness. Says the seller: “I was shocked when I heard the news about him !!  And makes me want to create this doll to be memories of that time in this world have a good singer like him.” Kinda sweet, actually. But the seller was only moved to make one, and it’s $24.


Nora Ephron’s neck has nothing on Jackson’s in this 8 x 10 print ($25), described as a “Buddhist-inspired portrait of the late, great Michael Jackson,” and called “Wacko Jacko.” That’s not very elegiac… or Buddhist.


Cosmetically, Jackson fares better in this calendar showing him as the Hindu deity Krishna playing a flute.


We love the guy, but does God really want to see his mug on your rosary beads? Wear to church at your own risk, $49.


This $5 Michael Jackson catnip toy shows two sides of Michael: young and fresh faced and… terrifying.



A paper-doll card is a fun idea (and only $5) but this poor person has spent an awful lot of time totally missing the fashion boat. Blue turtleneck sweaters and brick-colored socks?


This print, entitled 50 FOOT MICHAEL JACKSON ROBOT DESTROYS LAS VEGAS ((BA)), isn’t a piece of memorabilia so much as a twisted expression of pyromania: It has “a real working red laser beam eyes and moving head,” the artist writes. “His arms move in and out and in one hand he has a monorail train that I made out of Sculpey clay. The other hand has a red rocket with a flicker bulb for the jet flames… The miniature Las Vegas sign is lit up behind him, as well as a fiber optics effect that looks like explosions in the background.” This artist has put a lot of work into a $20 picture. Are the Pepsi commercial people hiring?

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