The top 10 Brokelyn stories of 2011

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Hey 2011, you coulda been crappier.

Oh to think just 12 months ago, none of us knew where Zuccotti Park was, you hadn’t heard of a stay at home girlfriend before and hungry Brooklynites were wondering if they could drink AND eat when you can only afford to do one of those. Thanks to the tireless efforts of Team Brokelyn, we hope your life has been made easier, smarter, more fun or at least slightly affordably drunker in the past year. In case you missed them, we present you (drumroll plz) THE 10 MOST POPULAR BROKELYN STORIES OF 2011!


10. Does 2 Broke Girls pass the Brokelyn test? by Ariel Karlin
How many Coldplay jokes does it take to make a CBS Brooklyn sitcom?

9. The buy-it, skip-it guide to Trader Joe’s by Annie Schoening
A rundown of the products worth getting cart-rammed for.

8. Free Prospect Park summer calendar by Tim Donnelly
Summer is the best because its free events are the best (see also No. 4).

7. How to legally open a fire hydrant by Meghan Doherty
Also: how to strike up a convo with a sexy firefighter

6. The inside secrets of retail jobs, revealed! by Caroline Shadood
The scoop on what it takes to work at American Apparel, Anthropologie, Trader Joe’s and more.

5. Tested: does Dr. Bronner’s really have 18 uses? by Alison Pels
Some of those turn out OK. Douching is NOT one of them.

4. Free summer events calendar! by Brokelyn staff
You love summer events! So do we! Is it time to start a new calendar yet?

3. The 10 best brunch spots in Brooklyn by Sarah Bibi
Brooklyn, we brunch hard. These spots are tasty without being overpriced.

2. The essential guide to free Brooklyn bar food by David Colon
One of the most important guides we’ve ever put together.

1. How to survive as a stay at home girlfriend by Quiana Stokes
This post has 287 comments so far, and Nick Cannon wanted Quiana on his radio show to talk about it. Read it and find out what all the fuss is about.

We’ve got some great things already in the works for 2012, so stay tuned! As a holiday present, why not follow your favorite members of Team Brokelyn on Twitter? Guaranteed no penis tweets (and that’s the last Anthony Weiner joke of the year!)

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