The time has come: CitiBike registration is now open

Freedom isn't free. Neither are the bikes. That's OK though
Freedom isn’t free. Neither are the bikes. That’s OK though

The stations are going up, you took a class to learn the proper way to flip off a driver that gets too close and you went out and bought yourself a fancy new helmet. You’re obviously excited about CitiBike, especially since at this point, it’s looking like the only thing that will stop it is another hurricane. And now you can take the next (last?) step on the road to riding one of these around town: registering for an annual membership. Do it before your friends do, so that you can lord it over them.

For $95, you can have unlimited access to the bike share program when it begins on that vague day sometime in May. Or, if you’re in NYCHA housing or a member of one of two select credit unions, you can get a discounted rate of $60. But the credit union list is supposed to expand at some point, so hey, another reason to leave your bank.

Your unlimited access will have a limit though, kind of. If you go over the 45-minute rental time allotted to you, then you’ll need to pay late fees. Of course, this could also be a great way for you to get in shape by making sure you can bike almost anywhere in the city in just 45 minutes. You’ll have calves like goddamn tree trunks. Of course, if you find you can’t do that, you can also just dock the bike at a station briefly and reset the clock. But then you’ll miss out on having giant calves, so you know, something to think about.

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