The Rockabus is back this summer, and has 2 new pickup points

The view from inside the Rockabus. Photo by Kelly Murphy
The view from inside the Rockabus. Photo by Kelly Murphy

Good news for people who like going down to the Rockaways but don’t like the public transportation options: the Rockabus will be running again this summer. Even better news for people who fit in that category and don’t like going to Williamsburg: the bus also has two new pickup location, at Grand Army Plaza and the Lower East Side.

A press release that landed in our inbox this morning had the big news. The Williamsburg route is sticking around though, so if you do live in north Brooklyn, don’t fret. Service starts as soon as this weekend, and hopefully the weather will continue the way it is today. The prices are remaining the same as they were last year, with $10 for a one way ticket and $15 for a round trip. In addition to the new pickup locations, the buses have been upgraded with stereo systems, and each weekend trip will have mixtapes made by different music bloggers and DJs.

Like last year, you can buy tickets online for each trip. The bus service will run every weekend, with trips to Jacob Riis running every two hours, starting at 10am and ending at 6pm, and trips to the Rockaway boardwalk running every two hours starting at 11am and going until 7pm. Want a more detailed rundown of the experience behind the Rockabus? We put Kelly Murphy on the bumpy ride last year, so read all about it and decide if you want in. Whether you bus, bike or subway, see you at the beach!

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