The ‘Porta-Potty King of NY’ brings luxury toilet trailers to Brooklyn

Ok, not gonna lie. A dank porta-potty is the worst thing ever when you’re stumbling around looking for that last bit of dubiously damp toilet paper while holding your nose. But is pampering your olfactory nerves worth more than renting an apartment in Williamsburg with two, maybe three actual luxury bathrooms? Call it first-world-problems or “Call-a-head” because they offer Versailles luxury bathroom trailers for around $3,000 per night, or you can go with something more on brand for Brooklyn. Maybe “Restoom” is the answer to everyone’s porta-potty woes. Or maybe just “fuggetaboutit”. You be the judge.

Inside “The Williamsburg” (courtesy of call-a-head)

The Williamsburg luxury restroom trailer” will help you alleviate yourself in fashion with dark faux wood flooring, ebony wood stained trim mirrors and stall doors, and a central music system with AM/FM Radio and CD player with speakers installed in the ceiling to bump your favorite Williamsburg music. NY Magazine profiled Call-a-head founder Charles W. Howard, who they deemed “the porta-potty king of New York.” His wife Kimberly stars in the promotional videos, including the video for the Williamsburg:

Event goers will feel as though they stepped inside a restroom of one of the finest restaurants or hotels. The central music system with ceiling installed speakers is also available for your guest’s enjoyment. The warm, sophisticated design of the WILLIAMSBURG Luxury Restroom Trailer includes ebony wood wainscoting up to the 3-foot height. The details continue with wood base moldings, chair rail moldings, and crown moldings. The walls above the chair rail moldings have a classic beige sponge paint coloring. There are also wide-planked wood Armstrong floors to bring warmth to the restrooms setting.

The women’s restroom has four private bathroom stalls with floor to ceiling lockable ebony stained wood doors. Every stall inside the WILLIAMSBURG Luxury Restroom Trailer has a porcelain flush toilet, brushed nickel toilet paper holder, and a trash receptacle. The porcelain toilet bowl has a foot-pedal flush for easy handsfree operation. A ceiling vent is available when you require additional ventilation. Custom framed artwork decorates the walls of every private stall. The men’s restroom inside the WILLIAMSBURG Luxury Restroom Trailer has two private bathroom stalls with a porcelain flush toilet, toilet paper holder, ceiling vent, and framed artwork. The men’s restroom also includes three Sloan porcelain waterless urinals with privacy dividers. Above the urinals is a convenience shelf and a beautiful framed painting of the Brooklyn Bridge.

The women’s and men’s restrooms inside the WILLIAMSBURG have a vanity sink area with marble counter tops and stainless sink basins. The Moen faucets have an automatic shut-off to help conserve water and provide hot and cold water options. We have decorative as well as wall mounted antibacterial soap and hand towel dispensers in the vanity area. A filled tissue holder, candy dish and bouquet of flowers adds that extra VIP touch to pamper your guests even when they take a trip to the restroom at you special event. An ebony wood stained trim mirror is wall mounted above the sink area. We also have a built-in trash receptacle in the vanity to help keep the restroom clean. The Dometic thermostat heat and air conditioning system ensures your guests will have a comfortable trip to the restroom. For New York’s winter months, a fan-forced heater will add extra warmth inside the restroom trailer. LED high hat ceiling lights delivers plenty of light inside the WILLIAMSBURG Luxury Restroom Trailer. Electricity for the WILLIAMSBURG runs on a generator or standard 110- volt outlet.

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