The numbers are in: we’re all making less money than we used to

They never do go into how much a strip club "promoter" makes
They never do go into how much a strip club “promoter” makes

Do you look at your paycheck every week, or every other week, and think to yourself, “Man, I don’t make a goddamn cent at this job”? Well, the good news is you’re not the only one thinking that. The bad news, according to the people at Crain’s New York, who did the research and the interviews about wages in the city between 2007 and 2012, is that you’re right about the not making any money thing. It turns out that wages and salaries are down in almost every industry in the city, thanks to that stupid recession.

As the video below shows, even industries like securities have taken a hit, thought you don’t have to cry too hard for those folks, because their average salary dropped from $374,868 to $313,278. But across the city, wages have dropped 6.5% on average between 2007 and 2012 across the entire city, so at least all of us are getting poor together! Anyway, check out the video, featuring people reflecting on their salaries, what they do exactly, if they’re happy with the money and their jobs. And let us know in the comments if you like, about how you’ve done with your wages in the past seven years, and if you’re now considering going to Mars. And be sure to check out the entirety of Crain’sStats and the City” issue for the depressing reality all around us.

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